Parent Teacher Association
This week, The Minerva Reader features ​​​​Parent Teacher Association by Jennifer Soosar, Black Opal Press. 

Parent Teacher Association is, as the cover states, a "Novel of Suspense" which it very much is. The female protagonist is Lizanne Demeter, a young teacher looking for a second chance in life. She finds herself reborn, recently released from a mental institution to which she was committed after a foolish suicide attempt due to a failed romance. On a new wonder-drug for depression called Zedorn, she feels that her traumatic past is behind her and she wants to move on and start teaching children again.
My Goodreads review:
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! In fact, once started, I couldn't put it down! It's by turns fabulously creepy, laugh-out-loud hilarious and incredibly suspenseful – an all-round excellent good read! I loved the dialogue and Lizanne’s internal torments.

And I'd like to add that sometimes you feel like reading something refreshingly original and this book is that!

Talk about an unreliable narrator! But, a hilariously compelling one. Is she nuts or is the town of Splinter Wood insane? No spoilers from me, so I'll say no more than to highly recommend this über-creepy, funny, entertaining read. Jennifer Soosar, I very much look forward to your next novel!
Other Reviews:
• Great tightly-written suspense with several interesting surprises and a psychotic teacher subplot. Good stuff! – James Fisher, The Miramichi Reader

• Wow! This is one you won't want to miss! This story has just the right amount of creepiness to make it fun and interesting. This book has a kind of "Stepford Wives" feel - yeah! its creepy like that. A great, very original story-line mixed with excellent character development. This one would definitely make a good movie. – Wall-to-wall Books

 • A very suspenseful novel, Parent Teacher Associaton had me holding my breath at times as my eyes quickly skimmed the words trying to discover what was going to happen next. Ms. Soosar keeps Lizanne (and the reader) under an even strain throughout the book. She never telegraphs the outcomes of certain situations either (especially the ending), which I very much appreciated. Parent Teacher Associaton is almost like a cozy mystery, however, there is some profanity and brief mature situations, though no sex. Highly recommended for fans of the suspense/mystery genre. – Books & Benches

"And if a writer has genuine star quality, a sharper, deeper radiance than most, then he or she ought to be identified and celebrated without delay. 
Time may be of the essence. Margaret Macpherson, a relatively unknown Maritime-born Albertan, is such a writer, and Body Trade, her seventh book and second novel, is the proof. She writes with the psychological insight of Carol Shields, the gravitas of Margaret Atwood, the poetic reflexes of Earl Birney and the earthy eroticism of Leonard Cohen, but her voice remains uniquely her own."  
Lesley Hughes, Winnipeg Free Press